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Actually, it really is all about YOU!

Personal Brand Photography 

Tell your Tale. Build your business 

People buy from people they trust & trust people they like.

Cliché but true & by building up a bank of images of the people & things that are important, you will gain that trust & affinity with your clients.


They want to know you as a person. They want to build that rapport with you & feel they understand you.

You are unique. You are special. You are you.

So why use the same images as everyone else?

You spend time finding your stock image, pay for it, download it & add it to your design, social media & the like. The problem is so has every other person in every other profession & if you are really unlucky then one of those people will probably be your competitor too.

We deliver personal, professional images that are unique to you & your brand & won’t be found anywhere else. No faffing or pouting (unless that’s who you are) just natural & genuine photos of who you are & everything that is important to you.

Time is your most important asset.

Let us give you more of it!

How long does it take you to search out the images you are after or to start from scratch & take images yourself or do selfies & are they consistent in style & editing?

I’ll do what I’m good at and give you 3 months worth of images in just one photo session so you have a lot more time to do what you’re good at.

Do you break out in a cold sweat at the thought of being in front of a camera?

I certainly do! That’s why I appreciate how important it is to make you feel relaxed, natural & most of all to make the sessions fun. This will give you the best photos that capture the real you. No posing or pouting here, just natural & genuine photos of who you are & everything that is important to you.

Sounds good? Then get in touch with us!

Here’s a peep at some of the things we’ve done for our fabulous clients so far

About Us

I’m Karen! I’m mum to the 5 not so little boys anymore & have a passion for life, especially if it involves photography and/or gin.

I help entrepreneurs, small business owners & social media influencers build their relationships & establish trust with their clients through authentic images that show the real them.


I want to know all about your journey so far, who you are and to understand your brand so we can create your own personal bank of  images to use on your social media, website, marketing material & much, much more.

I’ll help you through every step with unlimited support whether it be advice on location to what outfits you are deciding on. I’m about at the end of the ether almost 24/7 but I do need a bit of sleep occasionally.

I’m only looking to take on 4 clients this year so I can give you my full attention. Would you like to be one of them? If the answer is yes click the button below. We can arrange to meet up over coffee or gin, face to face or over the phone & let’s get the ball rolling.


Get in touch

Get in touch via the button below. I can answer your questions & we can arrange to meet.

Do we fit?

We’ll meet up or connect through video chat to see if we’re in sync & hit it off with each other.


It's Official!

If we decide to move forward together we’ll start planning your first shoot & sign the paperwork to make our collaboration official.

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"Remember that your reputation is everything. You build your personal brand through everything you do, whether big actions or small decisions, and that brand will stay with you throughout your career." Jan Fields

Let's get the ball rolling!

If you'd like to grow your personal branding & connect with your customers on a more meaningful & personal level then I'd really love to work with you.

Prices start from £650

“Visual content is a cornerstone of almost every branding campaign. And yet, we still see respectable brands using stock photographs that undermine the credibility of their hardearned visual-branding standards.” Buddy Scalera

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